Design Blocks Bolt IoT SoM
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Design Blocks™ Bolt

End Product certified.

The smallest Integrated antenna SOM design on the market, Bolt will be end-product certified for rapid time-to-market, and cost savings in certification. With a full sensor suite, Bolt can take any concept to market quickly with a verified design.



Design Blocks™ EX

Designed for HazLoc Class 1 Division 1 markets.

The EX design is ready for use in hazardous environments. If your product needs to be rugged, intrinsically-safe and ready for anything, the EX platform is perfectly suited to your needs. We have developed the system level design principles to quickly bring your EX product to scale.



Design Blocks™ Lite

Designed for size and flexibility.

This small form factor was designed to maximize application flexibility. With a core size of 32mm  x 36mm, it was built to give your design team flexibility when developing small or wearable products. 



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