Fleet Management

Fleet management & tracking is critical for organizations relying on transportation to ensure environmental and safety regulation compliance, optimize routes and logistics, monitor driver and vehicle performance, and schedule predictive maintenance routines.


Vehicle Tracking & Geo-location

Engine Diagnostics

Route Optimization

Predictive Maintenance

Driver Performance

Environmental Tracking

Digital Supply Chain and Logistics

Digital logistics enables supply chain traceability, providing updates in real-time to track packages from factories to store shelves, creating efficiency and predictability every step of the way.


Factory throughput and monitoring

Container & Cargo Tracking

Trailer Tracking

Connected Car

IoT sensors can be used to monitor vehicle performance and provide manufacturers and users with data that can help with improved safety, security, maintenance, and vehicle design.

Public Transit Management

Tracking location of public transit systems allow passengers to stay updated in real-time when the bus, train, or light rail will be at the stop next. 

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