Smart Buildings

Intelligent management solutions decrease operating costs through optimizations in electricity, water and HVAC systems and provide operational efficiencies in building maintenance and security.


Building Access & Controls

Security Systems

Intelligent Lightning

Electricity & Water Metering

Improve Facility Maintenance & Operations

Smart Cities

Smart Cities improve the quality of life for residents, reducing operating budgets and enhancing public services through the application of technology.


Smart Parking

Smart Street Lighting


Traffic Monitoring

Air Quality Warning Systems

Smart Emergency Services

Traffic and Intersection Monitoring

Traffic management and operations are a critical element in creating a better city through the efficient management of traffic for safer streets, reduction in vehicular congestion and vehicle emissions while increasing mobility and air quality.

Waste Management Solutions

Effective waste management solutions use IoT technologies to automate route optimization for garbage trucks, validate fill levels and identify incorrect disposal practises, while creating data for bin optimization.

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