Oil & Gas

New IoT technologies and solutions optimize operations through predictive maintenance, remote asset monitoring, track & trace devices, manage emergency alerts and evacuation alert systems.


Lone Worker monitoring

Predictive maintenance

Leak monitoring

Remote asset monitoring

Asset tracking

Smart Grid & Metering

Smart Grid and Metering solutions send critical operational information from utilities in real-time, enabling rapid responses to outages, isolating damaged sections of power lines, increasing energy delivery and improving reliability.


Outage management and restoration

Meter reading automation

Grid reliability and efficiency monitoring

Improved Asset Utilization

Smart Water Solutions

Remote pressure monitoring & metering, leak detection and automatic water mains assessments are able to actively diagnose, monitor and control the delivery of safe, clean drinking water to consumers and businesses.

Asset Management

Asset Management provides insights at the point of action to minimize unplanned repair work, increase asset availability, lower costs and reduce the risk of equipment failure. 

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